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Cincinnati, OH



Management & Marketing

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Ph. D. (Marketing),

    University of Pittsburgh (1982)

MBA (Marketing), I.I.M., India.

BE (Mech. Engr.), B.I.T.S., India.

Areas of Interest

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior & Advertising
  • Entrepreneurship
  • E-Commerce


Topics of Expertise.


Business Seminar & Presentation Topics*.


q       ValueSpaceÔ:  A Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Customer Retention


q       Growing Your Business:  Prescriptions for Uncertain Times


q       Customer Value: How to Implement It


q       Customer Value:  The Most Potent Tool for Marketing Executives


q       Build Value and They Will Come Knocking – The End of All Your Sales Blues


q       Building Customer Value in Every Sales Encounter – Its Every Sales Executive’s Job


q       Total Quality and Customer Value: Linking Baldrige Assessment to Customer Value Drivers


q       Harnessing Quality in Organizations for market Leadership: The Experience of World’s Most Admired Companies.


q       Brand Equity: What it is, how to measure it, and how to build it?


q       Brand Equity:  The Key to Sustainable Advantage and Profitability


q       Brand Equity:  Building a Brand Online and Offline.


q       Brand Equity:  The Role of the CEO, the Brand manager, and Everyone in Between


q       Market-Orientation: Bridging the Gap between Prophesy and Practice


q       Creating Customer Experience: The Final Goal of Service Businesses


q       Creating Customer Experience: Using Touch-points to Amaze Customers


q       Misapplication of Service Wisdom in Services Communications


q       Customer Satisfaction: Squeezing the Data for Insights.


q       Value-Added Services: From Laundry List to Thinking Systematically


q       Customer Service:  From Catch-all Slogan to Strategic Capability


*  Presentations and speeches adaptable to audience sizes of 30 to 500.  Seminars entail hands-on exercises and are adaptable from 2 hour to 2 day formats , for groups of 20 to 100.





Principal Publications.



ValueSpace -- Winning the Battle for Market Leadership: Lessons From The World's Most Admired Companies, (with Jag Sheth) McGraw Hill, 270 pages, June 2001.



Customer Behavior: Consumer Behavior and Beyond, Dryden Press, 850 pages, 1999. (with Jag Sheth and Bruce Newman.)


Selected Scholarly Journal Papers.










Text Box: My Favorite Quote:  Great minds discuss ideas.  Average minds discuss events.  Small minds discuss people.









(A more complete list can be seen in my Academic Vita)