About the Authors of ValueSpace


Banwari (‘Ban’) Mittal holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh, and is a professor of marketing and management at Northern Kentucky University. He has previously held faculty positions at State University of New York at Buffalo and University of Miami. His areas of expertise for research, teaching, and consulting are marketing strategy, services management, customer satisfaction and loyalty, brand equity, and customer value processes. ‘Ban’ has made presentations to numerous audiences, is a coauthor of Customer Behavior (1999), and has published articles in Journal of Marketing, Journal of Market-Focused Management, and other prestigious professional journals. His current passion is contemplating what constitutes customer ValueSpace and how companies can build it.

        (Dr. Mittal can be reached at BanMittal@MyValueSpace.com.)


Jagdish (‘Jag’) N. Sheth, Ph.D., is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Gouizeta Business School, Emory University, where he is also the founder and director of the Center for Relationship Marketing. His areas of expertise are market strategy, global competition and customer relationship management. Jag — a frequent consultant to Fortune 500 companies—has held chairs at USC and University of Illinois, and served on the faculty of Columbia and MIT. Listed in Who Is Who in America since 1985, he is the author of more than 200 articles and books, including Clients for Life (2000), The Customer is Key (1987), and the classic The Theory of Buyer Behavior (1969).

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