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A Comprehensive Framework for Creating Customer Value


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ValueSpace it is the be-all and the end-all of all business activity: the only justifiable goal of all reengineering, organizational renewal, entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. It is the space where true market value is created.

ValueSpace, comprising nine components and their 40 drivers, is quintessential-no matter what else you do or do not do, you must create these value components. It is enduring-not the "project of the month"; long after the current fads have vanished, you must still build the value components of ValueSpace. It is universal-applicable to all companies: manufacturing and service; small business or global enterprises, business-to-business or business-to-consumer, physical or digital; dot-com or not-com.

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* Corporate Dating: Thriving on Culture Shock


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ValueSpace is a book about how businesses create customer value and become market leaders and compete successfully in the new economy by acquiring sustainable competitive advantage and pursuing business excellence. The framework the book uses is applicable to all industries, both brick-and-mortar companies and the Internet era companies. The book features customer value creation and customer retention and loyalty stories from such companies as American Express, 3M, Caterpillar, Hilton Hotels, SYSCO, AutoNation, PPG Industries, Rosenbluth International, Xerox Business Services, UPS, and Fossil, Inc. It covers a comprehensive list of customer value components (drivers of customer loyalty) including quality, innovation, customization, value price, customer service, rapid response and relationships. It details such value driver business processes as customer orientation, innovation culture, frontline information system, mass customization, supplier partnering, outsourcing, CRM, automation, asset management, process reengineering, and digitized customer database capability. It is the most universal, yet most comprehensive value framework available.